Novus Karsh

Imperial Cleric


Name: Novus Karsh
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Mature (35 yrs)
Build: Fit 1.75m/70kg
Skin: Fair
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Home World: Imperial World (War Zone)
Career Path: Cleric

Name: Novus Karsh
Known Aliases: None
Homeworld: Caliphan IV, Kuluth System (War World)
Profession: Cleric
Current Location: Aboard the Mundoss Vecturae on assignment.


Novus was born in a sizable industrial city on Caliphan IV in the Kuluth System. The planet was razed by Imperium forces with the aid of a cadre of Acolytes of the Inquisition and a detachment of the Adeptus Astartes (commonly known as Space Marines, and colloquially as Angels of Death) belonging to the “Deathwatch” Chapter.

Novus was fourteen when the Xeno Purge began. He is one of the few survivors of the purge, being found by a group of Inquisitional Acolytes, amongst the smoldering ruins of his home where his parents were slain by the xeno threat. The Acolytes, not wishing to leave the child behind to die, took Novus with them as they continued their duty of purging Caliphan IV of the entrenched xeno forces. Novus learned quickly how to fight for his life and for the honor of the God-Emperor, with the Acolytes.

After weeks of bloody warfare, the shell-shocked Novus was sent to the Spire of Aegis on Valon Vurr XII. Here, the orphan, was taken in by the Ecclesiarchial Order. There he was raised and educated in the words of the God-Emperor, Imperial Creed, history, politics, the contemplation of Imperial Saints, rhetoric and leadership skills.

Novus completed his Novitiate training at the age of 25, faster then many of his peers, and much to the delight of his mentors. Upon completion, Novus volunteered to serve the Inquisitor Lord of the Acolytes whom he had fought along side of on Caliphan IV.

Recently, Novus received word of his acceptance into the Ordo Hereticus under the leadership of Inquisitor Astrid Skane. He is now in his mid 30‘s and has taken up his new duty to seek out and remove threats to his beloved Emperor and the Imperium, being assigned to a freshly formed team of Acolytes in the Landunder System.

His first assignment sends him and his new companions to board the Mundoss Vecturae at Landunder III to investigate reports of possible cultist activity onboard.

Novus Karsh

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