Lazerus Heinzenbult


Name: Lazerus Heinzenbult
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Mature (33 yrs)
Build: Wiry 1.75m/65kg
Skin: Dark
Hair: Dyed (Black)
Eyes: Lenses (Black)
Home World: Hive World (Specialist)
Career Path: Guardsman

Name: Lazerus Heinzenbult
Known Aliases: Private 1st Class Heinz’
Homeworld: Merov Prime
Profession: Imperial Guard, 1358th Regiment
Current Location: In transit aboard the Mundoss Vecturae


Lazerus was born on the Hive World of Merov Prime in the sprawling Hive Calderus. His family were members of the “Union of Rust Scrapers”, a specialist caste responsible for maintaining buildings, signs, glowlamp poles, ect. by removing rust deposits that accumulated on them. Lazerus worked with his family in the Union for most of his youthful age, being a respected member of his family and community in the middle hive.

At the age of 25 recruiters from the Imperial Guard came to Calderus in search of new blood to be added to their ranks.
Lazerus was chosen along with many other boys and men of the middle hive areas. He was hustled off to begin his basic training on the planet Bront, home of the Imperial Guard Regiment “The Brontian Longknives”. He was trained in the use of hand-to-hand combat and versed in the maintenance and operation of pistols and rifles and how to maintain them even though the knowledge of how the different parts of these these weapons worked was not taught to him. Only that these things were his life’s blood and that each held a machine spirit that must be respected and cared for more then his loved ones back home.

After two years of rigorous training, Lazerus was shipped off to his new post with the 793rd Imperial Guard detachment at 47 Kapella in the Drusus Marches Sector, which was currently in a state of war against a military force of Orks that had laid claim to the planet for themselves.

Lazerus was on the front lines of numerous battles against the vile Orks, and time after time survived certain death on the blood soaked fields of battle. Until one rainy evening just as his squad was about to be relieved of watch duty it happened.
Sentry alarms sounded all around his company’s encampment, gunfire could be heard blasting all around in the night air, and the horrible sound of Ork battle drums could be heard coming over the nearest ridge.

The Orks fell upon the encampment with a ferocity that had not been witnessed before. This warband of Orks was led by a huge War Chieftain and his bellows could be heard over the hail of gunfire and screams of the dying as the Orks drove through the encampment slaughtering Lazerus’s company almost to the last man. Lazerus himself was grievously wounded and lay under a pile of his own companions corpses awaiting death to take him.

The warband moved on after massacring the Imperial Guardsman in the encampment, headed to their next target. Lazerus lay there for what seemed like eternity, pain overwhelming him, slipping in and out of consciousness. Just as he had given up all will to live, he was lifted from among his fallen brethren by a huge figure dressed in neon blue power-armor. It was one of the infamous “Ultra-Marines" of the Adeptus Astartes (commonly known as Space Marines, and colloquially as Angels of Death), said to be the most elite and feared fighting forces of the Imperium.

Lazerus was taken to their mobile outpost and his wounds were treated by one of the Apothecary of the Ultra-Marines. When he was stable he was shipped off planet to the Space Marine fleet stationed above 47 Kapella. With the arrival of the Space Marines and their superior fighting abilities the Orks were routed off planet shortly afterwards. With the majority of his Regiment decimated and the threat of the Orks subdued, the surviving Imperial Guardsman were reinforced to act as a planetary garrison while others, Lazerus included, were assigned to different Battalions in other sectors of the Calixis Sector.

Lazerus’s new assignment was to report to the 1358th Regiment stationed on Port Wrath an Orbital Station. Him and a few other of the ex-793rd are currently en route aboard the “Mundoss Vecturae”, boarding at Landover III, making their way to their new detachment above Wrath.

Lazerus has high hopes that this assignment will be drastically less dangerous. He feels his luck may be running a tad thin.

Lazerus Heinzenbult

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