Kaarl Amarran


Name: Kaarl Amarran
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Adult (36 yrs)
Build: Brawny 1.75m/80kg
Skin: Dark
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Home World: Hive World (Dross Hound)
Career Path: Arbitrator

Name: Kaarl Amarran
Known Aliases: None
Homeworld: Tranch XI (Hive World)
Profession: Arbitrator (Adeptus Arbite)
Current Location: In transit aboard the Mundoss Vecturae


Kaarl Amarran was born on the Hive World of Tranch XI in the deepest, darkest depths of Hive Dunn. He grew up a survivor, knowing and fearing that any moment may be his last living this close to the Underhive that was inhabited by merciless gangs and creatures of abomination that occasionally made their way into the hab-blocks were he lived with his father, Rosario and his twin sister, Isabella. His mother had succumb to a hive plague outbreak and died when he was just a small child. His father owned a small shop that sold scavenged parts and other trinkets found from those brave enough to venture into the Underhive.

Nearing the age of 16 his family met with disaster. One night cycle while he lay in bed, dreaming of a more noble life, he was awoke to the sounds of voices in the main living area of his home. He could hear his father arguing with another man, voices raised but was unable to make out what they were saying. He crept to his door to hear or see what was transpiring better. As he reached the door he peered out and saw his father standing just inside the hatchway leading outside into the dark night and a tall, burly, shadowy form of a man on the other side that appeared to be dressed in tattered clothes and beast furs. Even from the distance across the room he could smell the foul odor of the unknown man. Kaarl could not make out the unknown figures features but knew something was not right about the man.

As Kaarl tried to hear more as to what was happening, his father spoke loudly enough for Kaarl to make out the words “You will not get anymore money out of me or my family.” Just as Rosario finished the words the man outside moved like a flash of light, drawing a pistol from his side and blasting two shots at point blank into Rosario’s torso. Kaarl’s father was slammed back about five feet and tumbled over a sitting chair in a heap, blood pouring out of the gun wounds.

Kaarl was frozen with fear as the man burst into the front room and walked over to his father crumpled on the floor pumping bullet after bullet into the twitching man’s fallen body. The man then strode with an air of arrogance to Isabella’s door, flung it open and disappeared inside. Kaarl heard the screams of horror from his sister as the man appeared again, Isabella slung over his massive shoulder muttering something about “payment received". The man vanished out the front door and Kaarl could hear the muffled screams of his sister subsiding into the distance, then all fell silent.

Seconds that felt like hours as Kaarl tried to get his body to move. Finally he was able to react and ran to the front door to try and catch a glimpse of where the man had gone with his sister. There was no one to be seen in the streets, only the heavy fog of the hive pollution. Kaarl wheeled around and stumbled to his father to help him, but it was the God-Emperor had taken Rosario from this world. Tears of remorse and anger filled Kaarl’s eyes and he bellowed out a scream that resonated to the lowest pits of the Underhive.

The following morning brought even more anguish as local authorities surveyed the scene at the residence. A skinny man approached Kaarl and after getting a statement revealed that the body of his sister had been found earlier in the morning gutted and tied spread-eagle across the doorway to his father’s shop. There was note written in blood on the wall above Isabella’s corpse stating “A warning to those who refuse to pay their protection fees”.

Kaarl decided from that moment on he would do all in his power to hunt down and punish the man who had murdered his father and mutilated his sister and to bring other vermin like him to justice.

Kaarl joined the Hive Defense Force shortly thereafter, a police force charged with maintaining the laws of the Hive. Kaarl saw this as his best chance to find those responsible and to make sure this did not happen to other victims. He was trained by the HDF and served with them for fifteen years, always vigilant against wrong-doers and scum of the hab-blocks he was charged with patrolling, becoming a well respected and highly efficient member of the Force. Unfortunately he never learned who had committed the horrible acts that took his family from him.

Kaarl was recently approached by a member of the Adeptus Arbites who had heard good things about Kaarl’s investigation and police skills and requested him to join their organization. They were in need of fine examples of God-Emperor’s servants to assist in hunting down and judging heretics, mutants and other vile beings that threatened the Imperium’s solidarity.

Kaarl was trained in the Arbitrators by-laws and customs over the next few years, and after proving himself a capable Trooper was assigned to the planet Orbell Quill to join the Arbites there assist in matters as need be. He is currently aboard the Mundoss Vecturae, which he boarded at Tranch XI, en route to his new post.

Kaarl Amarran

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