Garth Lessexion


Name: Garth Lessexion
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Mature (29 yrs)
Build: Brawny 1.75m/80kg
Skin: Dark
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Home World: Hive World (Factory Dregs)
Career Path: Scum

Name: Garth Lessexion
Known Aliases: None
Homeworld: Tranch XI (Hive World)
Profession: Scum
Current Location: Stow-away aboard the Mundoss Vecturae


For nearly thirty years, Garth spent his life in the manufactorum in Hive Dunn of Tranch XI, a Hive world in the Calixis Sector. Like his parents before him, he toiled long hours, giving blood, sweat and nearly all his time for the good of the hive. It was a thankless existence and one he was happy to perform since he knew that his efforts added, even in a small way, to the prosperity of his world.

Popular with connections throughout his hab-block, many of the other dregs looked up to him for leadership, to represent their interests to the Administratum authorities that oversaw their collective labors. He proudly championed his people, instilling them with pride for the mind-numbing tasks and encouraged them to push harder. Many believed that he would go far, rising above the rest to perhaps become a foreman. He might have, but something inexplicable happened.

One day, he enjoyed the friendship and respect of his peers, the favors of his masters, and the next, everything changed. The only explanation was a mistake, a mishap in the higher offices that confused him for someone else. He was accused of murder, theft, acts so foul that to recall them causes him to shudder. Everywhere he turned, there were arbitrators and bounty hunters looking for him. He knew it was his duty to turn himself in, to present his case, but deep down he understood that such a move would be hopeless and fatal. So he hid, losing himself amidst the machinery that dominated the bowels of his world until he could find someway to escape.

The only way he could see to life was to get off planet and doing so would be impossible in the depths of the hive. So he drifted upwards, creeping about, stealing food to survive. On one occasion he was caught stealing and after a harrowing chase through the streets and ally-ways of a hab-block by a police patrol managed to escape into a venting system but not before taking a nasty shotgun blast to left shoulder and upper back area. He survived the shotgun wound but forever holds the scars from the encounter.

Finally after months of dodging authorities and wandering ever upwards through the hive, he came to one of Dunn’s many spaceports. There he stowed away on a lighter, the first ship he came upon, and hid in the cargo hold in a large shipping container. The lighter left the atmosphere and docked with a passenger / cargo vessel he later came to learn to be the Mundoss Vecturae. He slipped out of the shipping container after it had been loaded into one of the larger vessels many cargo bays and surveyed the area.

Knowing that he was most likely in for a very long trip to wherever this vessel was headed, and knowing that there was no way he could survive that long without food or water, he mustered the courage to venture out into the ship to see what he could manage to scrounge up. He knew that if he was caught now, he would be clapped in irons and most likely tossed out an airlock, as is the fate of stowaways that are found.

The cargo bays were extensive, spanning many levels above and below where he first started. Exploring them revealed very little of anything he could use to keep from starving or dying of dehydration, so he decided to venture farther forward in the ship. In his searching he had come to know that the engine rooms and propulsion areas were aft of the cargo areas and that going there was not a smart choice since it was constantly teaming with ship workers and servitors. He would most assuredly be caught if he went too deeply that direction.

He worked his way through the cargo holds until he came upon huge sections of the ships that appeared to be a massive berthing area for ship travelers. There were people crowded and crammed into these large areas sleeping on cots or self-made beds of clothing. He discovered through talking to some that they were pilgrims and colonists headed to Orbell Quill to start new lives and many had come from various planets along the ships course. This area was where the poor or common people were housed for the journey. He heard that there were better living areas further forward on the ship for those of status or wealth.

Garth’s curiosity got the best of him, his brain told him he should hunker down here and wait out the ride to Orbell Quill, but he wanted to see more of this ship. He made his way forward, working his way through security areas by crawling through vents and pipe-works, until he came to a part of the ship that was like a bustling hab-block on his homeworld. It was like a city afloat on the ship. He found many places to scrounge up food and the like. He decided to stay in this section not wanting to press his luck going further. He managed to find an empty passenger room amongst the thousands that rose many levels above stacked on top each other in this section of the ship. It was like walls of doors and walkways that stretched from the belly to the top of the ship. The room was dirty and covered in soot, like a fire had burnt all inside to a crisp, but Garth was content with it, and settled in here for his trip to his new future.

Four months have passed, to his figuring, since finding the room and Garth wonders how long space travel is supposed to last.

Garth Lessexion

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