Ganlock Wrinkly-Dangler



Name: Ganlock Wrinkly-Dangler
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Old One (59 yrs)
Build: Squat 1.65m/80kg
Skin: Dark
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Black
Home World: Feral World (Dirt Ward)
Career Path: Imperial Psyker

Name: Ganlock Wrinderdang
Known Aliases: Stanley Wrinkly-Dangler
Homeworld: Strank VII (Feral Swamp World)
Profession: Imperial Psyker
Current Location: In transit aboard the Mundoss Vecturae.


Ganlock lived on the feral world of Strank VII, a fetid swamp world, home of the infamous Stenchbeast of Strank. Ganlock was a member of a savage tribe of swamp dwellers known as the “Mud Chuckers" that survived by sharp wits and iron will against the harsh planets conditions and the dangerous beasts that inhabit the planet. The tribesman believed that clean body was a dangerous body, for the creatures of the swamps could smell someone’s scent easily unless they kept their bodies covered in mud and filth. Ganlock, along with his tribe, tries not to bathe or wash unless absolutely a necessity for this reason.

Ganlock was an apprentice to the tribes shaman, Elsa Skaare-A’vre. A powerful witch-doctor who could see into the minds of others and unlock their deepest secrets.

At the age of 12, Ganlock developed the ability of some minor psychic power. He had trouble controlling these new powers but in time under the tutelage of his mentor was able to tap into the powers of his mind and control them to an extent.

As Ganlock aged he grew in ability and was a well liked member of his tribe, looked upon as the next Shaman of the tribe when Elsa Skaare -A’vre pasted into the endless sleep of death. Ganlock also developed a relationship with the Chieftains daughter, Anya Gasch, much to the dislike of her father Ferrus Gasch. The Chieftain knew the need for the shaman in th tribe but did not want his daughter to be mated with one, for he was fearful of what may become of his daughter if she coupled with a spirit talker, not to mention their offspring.

Eleven years past, and a few short weeks before Ganlock was to be joined to Anya, a terrible creature from the sky landed not far from their tribal home. From inside the belly of this beast exited men wearing bizarre clothing and speaking in a strange tongue. The Chieftain met with these visitors and after hours locked away in his hut he emerged, pointed a dirty finger at Ganlock and spoke to the visitors in the same strange language they had spoken. Before Ganlock could react he was surrounded by the warriors from the sky, was bound and gagged and dragged into the stomach of the sky beast, and placed in a dark, smelly cavity of the creature.

The days inside the beast melted into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Fifteen years to be exact, in which time Ganlock learned the language of the sky people and had also learned he was aboard not a beast but a Spaceship that flew to distant stars. He came to learn they were called the Black Ships, and they traveled from planet to planet collecting those people of Psychic Powers to be taken to a place called Holy Terra, home of the God-Emperor. He was to be tested and sanctified by the Emperor’s Seers, for apparently the powers of the mind were dangerous and could bring forth vile demons if not controlled.

Ganlock spent five long, painful, mind-altering years being schooled, tested, relentlessly trained in how to use his powers, and was found to be an acceptable user of his powers so was spared the fate of those that fail – death. Ganlock’s training was nearing completion with the final test being what is called “Sanctioning", where the Seers hurl onslaught after onslaught upon the Psyker’s mind to see if he will break under the pressure. Ganlock’s mind survived but sadly the sheer force of the energies thrown at his mind caused immense damage to his eyes as the energies forced through his sockets and destroyed both of his eyes in the process, melting as easily as wax to a flame. Ganlock earned the status of a Sanctioned Psyker, was fitted with crude cyber-eyes to repair his blindness and was allowed to leave Holy Terra to return to his Homeworld if he choose. He was told to be wary of his powers for even though he was released he was still under the watchful eyes of the Emperor and his servants, and if he strayed from his path he would be hunted down and destroyed.

It has been 16 years since Ganlock left Holy Terra, traveling on various ships from planet to planet, making his way back home to his people. The latest ship he is a passenger on is the “Mundoss Vecturae”, which he booked passage on at the planet of Baraspine Omni. He has been aboard the vessel for 3 months and it has docked at Tranch XI, Settlement 228, and Landunder III on its journey to its destination of Orbell Quill. The ships holds many colonists headed to Orbell Quill in hopes of starting new lives there. Ganlock plans on continuing his journey home, finding another vessel to board once the “Mundoss Vecturae” stops at Orbell Quill in a couple weeks time.

Ganlock Wrinkly-Dangler

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